1# place overall on Major Jam 2: Love

Tim and Veronica love each other, but there are many obstacles between them. Help them meet in this challenging co-op puzzle platformer to prove that love can be endless.

It's better with 2 players!
Ask someone you love to play with you!


If you enjoyed the game, follow us for future updates and releases. With your support we will develop the game to publish for different platforms! 


Player 1:
W - Jump
A, D - Run
Spacebar - Attract

Player 2:
Up Arrow - Jump
Left, Right Arrow - Run
Spacebar - Attract

Developed by: Andre Lima e Silva & Mat Graz
Music and SFX: Dongo Dongo

Spritesheet: https://lospec.com/i/k1xc
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So cool :) always a way to create new gpdd games with knoledge and imagination and...love ! No windows build to enjoy on the go on my pc?

Thanks for the compliment :) Really happy that you liked it. We still don't have the windows build, sorry :( We are developing the game to publish for different platforms such as pc and hopefully consoles. So stay tuned :D

thks for the news :) 

Really, really impressive. Overall a really great game concept-wise, art-wise, sound-wise.

I didn't actually play with another person but I feel like that could be an awesome experience.

Thanks for the comment, we really appreciate it!


The new WR times for Heart 2 Beat:

Level One: 3.88 secs

Level Two: 8.49 secs

Level Three: 13.11 secs

Level Four: 8.43 secs

Level Five: 6.20 secs

Level Six: 3.94 secs

Level Seven: 7.96 secs

Level Eight; 5.5 secs

Level Nine: 6.48 secs

These numbers above ^ are for the Any% speedrun of H2B. That means to complete the runs, there is no need to collect the candies.

Have fun!

Impressive :0

This is surreal! haha great times!

You can see the best time of each lvl in the pause menu

My records, if someone want to speed run it:

Without collecting candies %
Lvl 1: 04s26
Lvl 2: 08s80
Lvl 3: 14s37
Lvl 4: 09s32
Lvl 5: 08s62
Lvl 6: 04s25
Lvl 7: 12s32
Lvl 8: 05s50
Lvl 9: 08s70

Really cool game!


super cute game! i love it!


I really enjoyed watching you play. Thanks for the gameplay and feedback!

no problem! not sure what feedback i gave lol this honestly doesn't need any improvement in my opinion. it's super great, even having to play it alone!


We are looking foward to add a lot more levels and polish some stuff to a major release.

well i'm really excited!!